5 Reasons To Hire An Executive Compensation Consultant

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When bringing in high-level talent to your company, you want to make sure that you're paying the right wages and offering a good benefits package. With executive and other high-level positions, you want to be sure to attract the best possible talent so that you have employees who do an amazing job. Instead of guessing your way through compensation package offers, it's best to use an executive compensation constant to help you determine what to offer.

22 November 2019

The Effects An Auto Loan Can Have On Your Credit

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If you are looking for ways to improve your credit score and need a new car, did you know that getting an auto loan could have some really good effects on your credit score? A lot of people think they should wait to get a loan until their credit improves, but this is really not true. No matter what credit score you currently have, you can probably still qualify for a loan at this time, and you should know that getting a loan may help your score in more ways than you know.

21 September 2019

Want To Retire Extremely Early? 4 Steps To Start Your Path

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In the United States, the desire to retire at an early age and live a frugal, but rewarding, life on your own terms is a growing movement. FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) represents the most extreme goals of this movement — often helping people become free of the daily work grind as early as their 30s.  If this idea sounds like something you want to reach out for, here are a few steps to reach your goals.

30 July 2019

FAQ About SBA Loans

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No matter how successful a business may be, it is always possible to fall into debt when least expected due to going through a period in which less money is being made. Unexpectedly running out of inventory and various other things can lead to more business profits being used than planned. Rather than taking the risk of your business going downhill during such a situation, it is possible to obtain a small business administration (SBA) loan to keep things in order.

14 June 2019

When Your Business Is Struggling Financially: Dealing With Your Debt Through Commercial Bankruptcy

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A commercial bankruptcy occurs when a business is struggling with debt and is not able to succeed with their current debt schedule. Like a personal bankruptcy, a commercial bankruptcy can eliminate debt, or the debt can be restructured for the business to have a better chance of paying it back. In chapter 7 bankruptcy, the business is dissolved and assets are liquidated. This is a clean break from creditors when a business fails.

15 March 2019