Which High-Interest Loan Should You Pay Off First?


You got into a big financial mess a while back and borrowed money at high interest rates from several places. Fortunately, you're now digging yourself out of the hole and you're wondering which account to tackle paying off first. Of course, you'll still need to make your regular payments on everything, but it's a great idea to also start whittling away at the entire amount of one loan at a time.

26 December 2014

4 Ways To Fund Your New Small Business When You Have Bad Credit

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If you have been struggling to make ends meet with the income from your current job, then starting a small business you can run after-hours can be a great idea. You may even dream of creating a business that takes off so well you can eventually quit your day job. One obstacle that you may feel you have is not-so-great credit. Don't let bad credit keep you from starting a business that can help you finally get ahead financially.

22 December 2014