Can I File Without A Chapter 7 Attorney?

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Filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcy can be expensive. It comes as no surprise that thousands of people around the country are stuck in the situation of needing to file for a bankruptcy, but lack the funds to hire an attorney. If you're wondering if you need a chapter 7 attorney to file for bankruptcy, you're about to discover if you can undertake this process by yourself or if you should hire a chapter 7 attorney.

17 October 2017

Self-Employed Tax Prep Tips

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A new business brings along with it many things to take care of, perhaps none so important as your cash flow and tax burden. If this is your first year as a self-employed person, you could be afraid that tax season will be troublesome and expensive, but it need not be with these tips. Open Checking Account Like many new entrepreneurs, your business costs are handled with money stored in personal banking accounts you may also use for rent, clothing, food and similar personal items.

2 September 2017