Bad Credit: Options for Refinancing a Mortgage

Like many people, the recession hit me pretty hard. Thanks to a job loss, I got behind on some of my credit cards. Even though I did mange to make the mortgage payment every month, my credit rating nose-dived. While things did get better, I still wondered if it would be possible to refinance my mortgage with bad credit. After talking with a few lenders, I found out that my situation was not unique. I also found lenders who were willing to work with me. I managed to get terms that will save me money over the life of that mortgage. If your credit has taken a beating, don't assume that refinancing is out of the question. I'll share how I researched options and found a lender who offered a good deal. You could find that refinancing your mortgage is within your reach.

7 Fun Facts About Gold

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If you have considered selling gold at websites like for extra money, you are not alone. Many people are selling old jewelry or even hunting for gold on beaches and underground and then selling it to be melted down. While the price of gold can fall and rise, is is considered a practical investment even in difficult economic times. Here are a few facts about gold to consider as you plan your own personal gold rush. 

You Can Still Mine It

You might believe that very little gold remains undiscovered, but that is false. Even after hundreds of years, humans have uncovered only a small portion of the gold on the earth. The Gazette reports that 80% of all gold remains underground waiting to be discovered. 

If you have mining on your mind, you'll find the largest gold mines in places like Indonesia and Uzbekistan. In the US, look for gold in Nevada, Alaska and California. Just be sure to know who owns the property and what the laws are in that area before you start panning. 

You Can Get It From a Vending Machine

If you need some quick gold, you can get it from vending machines around the world. Vending machines in Abu Dhabi, SIngapore, Boca Raton and even Las Vegas. 

You can get gold bars or gold coins from the machines, and the prices are updated every 10 minutes to reflect current rates. These vending machines are popular in casinos where guests can enjoy gambling with real gold. 

There Are Literally Tons of Gold in the Ocean

Did you know that when you look out into the sea, you are looking at lots of gold. The National Ocean Service estimates that the ocean holds 20 million tons. Seawater itself contains traces of gold, and there is gold stuck in the rocks on the ocean floor. Unfortunately, there is just no practical way to get it out. When someone discovers and effective way to mine gold from the ocean floor, the world's economy will get a huge boost. 

Alchemy is Real

You probably learned about alchemists in the 14th and 15th centuries who believed they could turn things like animal dung into gold, but you might be surprised to know that modern physicists have created a way to turn platinum and mercury into gold. The task is accomplished through a nuclear reaction. However, the scientists are only able to create tiny amounts. 

Pure Gold is Soft

You won't be able to test pure gold by biting it, or you might end up with a mouthful of the stuff. Pure gold is so soft that you can actually mold it with your fingers. 

It Will Take Away Your Pain

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis sometimes have gold injected under their skin to control pain and slow the progression of the disease. According to WebMD, an injection of gold sodium thiomalate can be act as an anti-inflammatory. 

Gold May Be From Outer Space

Where did all the gold on earth come from originally? Some scientists believe that it came from outer space. 

An article in National Geographic explains the idea that gold crashed onto our planet in the form of asteroids that were attracted to iron. The article points out that some experts aren't convinced that the theory is true. However, scientists do believe that there is also gold on Mars, Mercury and Venus. 

It is true that gold is valuable, but many people don't know that it's interesting as well. Humans have prized gold since ancient times and have used it to make everything from jewelry to sculptures. Even if you can't strike gold on your own, use these fun facts to entertain other gold hunters as you search for treasure. 


2 February 2015